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Check here first if you have questions about Leaf. Feel free to browse the commonly asked questions below or use our chat feature to get live help from someone at Leaf.

Leaf Wallet is a digital wallet that allows you to:

  • Store and exchange money in multiple currencies;
  • Take your money across borders, cashless;
  • Send and receive money with friends and family;
  • Cash in and cash out through mobile money:
  • Use on both smartphones and basic phones with no internet

Leaf is for everyone! Our services have been designed for people with cross-border financial needs but anyone can sign up for a Leaf account. Register by downloading the app or be registered by any Leaf user with a smartphone. Once your account is approved, you can access all of Leaf's services on a basic phone.

So many reasons 🙂 Pick your favorite:

  1. Bring your money with you across borders: store and transport your money safely & conveniently without the risks of carrying cash
  2. Support your friends and family members: sending Leaf-to-Leaf is always FREE, send money instantly and affordably to family at home and abroad (even if they don't have a Leaf account)
  3. Exchange currencies securely and easily with Leaf: competitive & transparent exchange rates for East African currencies, instant exchange, no more carrying cash!
  4. Save time & money by using Leaf to grow your business: request payments directly from customers, pay suppliers digitally (even across borders), save money on fees and bad rates, avoid wasting time on payments
  5. Improve your financial future: transparent & full transaction history to help you know where your money goes, tips for saving, no more wasted money on high fees

Leaf is the financial product we all deserve—now available for anyone with a phone.

Anyone across the world can sign up for a Leaf account! When it comes to cashing in and out mobile money, however, for now, only customers in Kenya, Rwanda, and, Uganda can do so. You can also cash in through physical cash in the UK at partner retail locations. We are rapidly expanding across the globe and working on adding new countries to the list soon. Stay up to date with our global footprint by following us on social media.

Leaf Wallet is available for download on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Check out our Get Leaf page if you have more questions.

Leaf-to-Leaf transactions are always FREE! Registering, storing money, buying airtime, exchanging currencies, and transacting between two Leaf accounts do not have any fees. Cashing out (withdrawing from Leaf Wallet) to mobile money costs 2%.

Leaf has USSD codes available in Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya for existing users. Just dial our code from the number you used to register and it will automatically know you are a Leaf customer. Use the numeric inputs to navigate through the menus and your five-digit PIN code to confirm actions. Accessing Leaf via USSD is free.

  • Rwanda: dial *801*53#
  • Uganda: dial *284*53#
  • Kenya: dial *483*153#

You can cash into Leaf from any mobile money account in East Africa, and you can send money from the UK by generating a bar code in Leaf. You can withdraw money from Leaf by sending to any mobile money number in East Africa. If you need cash in hand, you can cash out with a mobile money agent after sending to a mobile money account. Leaf is integrated with M-Pesa, MTN, Airtel, etc. to make services flexible and is adding more options each month.

Getting money into Leaf: tap on "Cash In" on the app or use the USSD menu option. Enter the mobile money number you want to request money from, including country code. Enter the amount you want to move into your Leaf Wallet. Click Submit and confirm with your PIN. Depending on your country, an SMS code may be required. The request will create a USSD popup to the person you requested money from. All they need to do is confirm with their mobile money PIN and the money will be moved instantly into your account!

Getting money out of Leaf: tap on "More" and then "Cash Out" in the app or use USSD. Enter the mobile money number you want to send to, including country code. Enter the amount. Submit and confirm with your PIN. That's it! The money will be moved from your Leaf Wallet to that person's mobile money account. Remember you can cash out even across networks and borders. You can also buy airtime directly from Leaf for any phone number.

You cannot move money into or out of Leaf directly from your bank account at this time but we are working on it! Please reach out to us if you are eager to have services added in your country.

Sending money to another Leaf user is easy and free. Tap on "Send Money" in the app or USSD. Enter their username and the amount you want to send. You don't even to use the same currencies; you can send in one currency and they can receive in another. The rates and how much they will receive is clearly displayed. Confirm with your PIN and the money will be sent to their Leaf Wallet instantly! You will both receive a notification when the transaction succeeds.

If you want to withdraw money from the Leaf system, use the "Cash Out" option.

No! The beauty of Leaf is that you only need one account globally. Once your Leaf Wallet is created, you can store multiple currencies in it and choose which ones to use for your transactions. The wallet will stay with you wherever you go.

Sure. Check out our Youtube channel and specifically our "How To Use Leaf" playlist. You can also find helpful tips and customer testimonials on our Instagram and Facebook.

We currently support 4 languages over USSD: English, French, Kinyarwanda and Kiswahili. You can change the language by going to menu 6. My Account --> 3. Languages.

We are working on adding more languages to the USSD as well as a multi-language feature in our app, which is available in English for now. Need assistance with the language? We’d love to help. Reach out to us at info@leafglobalfintech.com

No, not like mobile money agents. Leaf is a technology service and operates virtually. If you are cashing into Leaf, make sure to put money in your mobile money account first. You can then move it into Leaf. When cashing out of Leaf, you will first need to send to mobile money. Then a telco agent can assist you to withdraw if you need cash in hand.

If you need assistance with registration or customer support, please reach out to us and we can help.

Reach out to our customer service team anytime with the options below:

Website chat: you're already here! Click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner to open a line with one of our representatives

In-app options: expand the menu on the top right and tap on "Contact Us" or "Get Help"

USSD: use the "Report an Issue" menu option

Whatsapp: +250786816336

Social media: @leafglobaltech on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Phone: +250786816336 (working on adding more local numbers soon)

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