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Cross border traders face risk conducting business at the border. Carrying cash leaves them vulnerable to theft and bribery, and subject to expensive exchange rates. However, digital mobile money services don’t cross borders or charge expensive transfer fees. However, the need for digital ways to conduct business has never been more urgent. Cross border traders and small businesses that have historically relied on in-person transactions are at greater risk of exposure.

That’s why we created Leaf Wallet. With Leaf Wallet, you can conduct cross-border business digitally, on a smartphone or a feature phone.

  • Deposit money into your Leaf account for free and securely carry it with you everywhere you go
  • Send or receive money across borders (Leaf to Leaf transfers are always free)
  • Exchange currencies automatically during transactions at better rates
  • Hold multiple currencies in your wallet to avoid unnecessary exchanges
  • Store your money as long as you need without any costs
  • Cash out with the click of a button to any mobile money provider to get hard cash

We keep assets safe to give users peace of mind during daily business. We work with traders to save them time and money, so that they can focus on growing their business.

Download Leaf Wallet from Google Play and the App Store.

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