In Leaf

We’ve lost track of how many companies we’ve seen riding the wave of blockchain potential. Rather than using blockchain/DLT for edge use cases or prematurely without proper consideration of incentive alignment, Leaf uses blockchain for what it’s best at: transaction storage and cross-border asset transfer. We stay away from the cryptocurrency application of blockchain and focus on the underlying technology to meet our customers’ needs.

We use a public DLT (Stellar) to ensure maximum security and transparency. Even so, we never post anything identifiable or confidential. Stellar is tailored to the needs of the developing world, particularly within financial services. Its mission is “to connect people to low-cost financial services to fight poverty and develop individual potential” (see why we’re aligned?).

Blockchain won’t save the world; let’s not make it try. Instead, let’s iterate. Let’s apply best practices learned from other technologies and rollouts. Let’s dig into implementation instead of talking about potential. We know what blockchain is good at. Here at Leaf, we’re dedicated to making those handful of use cases accessible to those who stand to benefit most.

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