Virtual Banking Beyond Borders

What Is Leaf?


The better way to help you store, protect, and transport your money—no matter where you go 🌍. Whether you have a smartphone or a feature phone, you can send money to friends, store safely without banking fees, and cash in and out using mobile money. Leaf currently operates in Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya.

Leaf works with all major mobile money providers in the countries where we’ve launched. That means that you can send and receive money across borders and Leaf to Leaf transactions are always free. Live in Rwanda but have family in Kenya? With Leaf, you can easily send money in one currency and have friends and family receive money in another currency. 🎉 Receiving money from customers and paying suppliers across networks and borders has never been easier!

Our Focus

Safe & Secure Money Storage

Safe & Secure Money Storage

With the secure Leaf Wallet, you can safely store your funds virtually until you decide to withdraw. Leaf’s advanced identification system ensures that no one will be able to access your Leaf Wallet, except for you.

Send & Receive Across Borders

Send & Receive Across Borders

Leaf works with all major mobile money providers in the countries where we’ve launched. That means you can cash in and out of any mobile money number, across borders and networks. Leaf to Leaf transactions are always free anytime, anywhere.

Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange

Forget waiting in line to deposit, withdraw, and exchange physical cash only to see your money disappear with hidden fees. You can send, receive, and even store money in any of the currencies Leaf offers, at the same time.

How Leaf Works

Helping people safely store and transport assets across borders

Leaf Wallet uses cutting-edge technology to deliver services in low-bandwidth areas

Leaf uses technology to reach people where they are. By not requiring a smartphone and offering services over USSD, Leaf can reach the 2.4 billion people still using basic phones around the world.

With Leaf, customers can use existing infrastructure like mobile money to cash in and out of Leaf. No special equipment is required, even when paying merchants on Leaf. Value is always safe and accessible through a blockchain backend, even if a customer loses their phone.

Leaf’s platform offers a secure, affordable, convenient way to safeguard and transfer money across borders that ultimately leads to an economic identity.

Integrated virtual financial services for security and efficiency

Instead of using a multi-currency cash system that attracts the attention of thieves or corrupt border guards, Leaf customers can utilize the security and convenience of digital savings through a mobile phone to secure assets while moving across borders or staying at home. Safe storage and transport of assets across borders reduces risk while creating an economy identity.

Providing virtual financial services beyond the bank branch…

As families are forced to flee around the world, they have little time to grab limited cash and valuables before leaving home. During their journey, refugees face risk at every step. Outside of forfeiting value, carrying cash is often the only option. On top of being inconvenient and expensive to exchange, this exposes families to additional risk.

For the nearly 80 million forcibly displaced people in the world today and the 100 million people who could become refugees tomorrow, access to financial services is crucial. Personal savings and access to friends and family willing to help is often the only lifeline during this time. Knowing money is safe and accessible across borders leads to financial security, peace of mind, and a greater chance of success in a new country.

The Unbanked

Leaf isn't just for people crossing borders with cash. Nearly two billion people around the world do not have access to formal financial services.

Leaf can help, whether they are physically traveling or staying safe at home. By using Leaf as a safe place to keep their money, send and receive with friends and family, and pay digitally, unbanked users can start to form an economic identity and experience the benefits of digital financial services.

Leaf is a secure, cheap, and fast global money transfer option.

Are you sending mobile money between Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda? Try Leaf!

Send money to and from Rwanda, Kenya, or Uganda by cashing in to your Leaf Wallet through a mobile money network and sending to your friend’s Leaf Wallet! You can choose which currency they receive. You will get a fair foreign exchange rate and neither the sender nor receiver will be charged additional fees for the transaction, including international transfer fees. A 2% fee is applied when the recipient withdraws funds from their Leaf Wallet. Leaf is one of the cheapest ways to send money within Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.

You can send to any other Leaf account for free. You can also send money by cashing out to someone else’s mobile money number in Kenya, Rwanda, or Uganda through M-Pesa, MTN, and Airtel.

Make sure to have a balance in the currency you want to send. You can use the Exchange Money option to move funds between currencies if needed. Then select “Cash Out” on your Leaf Wallet and enter the recipient’s mobile number. Follow the steps to complete the transaction and your recipient will receive the money into their mobile money account. 

For example, you can move money from M-Pesa to Airtel Money by using “Cash In” on your Leaf Wallet to pull money from M-Pesa and then “Cash Out” to send money to an Airtel Money user.

We are currently piloting Leaf Loans. This is a special test program for existing Leaf Wallet users. If you are interested in applying for a loan, contact us here with your email and Leaf username: info@leafglobalfintech.com


How do I qualify?

You must be a current Leaf Wallet user and have access to a smartphone. Note: the app is not broadly available and will only be seen by selected users.


How does it work?

  1. If selected, you will receive a personalized link to download the Leaf Loans application
  2. Follow the steps in Leaf Loans to apply
  3. If approved, you will receive the funds in your Leaf Wallet
  4. Pay back the amount + interest via the Leaf Loans app

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