Finally, a way to safely store, send, and transport money across borders—no smartphone required

Multi-currency wallet

Store money in any of the currencies Leaf supports. Whether you’re moving between countries, going out of town, or staying in, you can confidently live cashless with Leaf.

Integrated with mobile money

Leaf works with all major mobile money providers in the countries where we’ve launched. Send or request money from any mobile money account across networks and borders—yours or someone else's!

Send and Receive Across Borders

Live in one country but have family in another? With Leaf, you can easily send money across borders instantly. Even better, Leaf-to-Leaf transactions are always free.

Compatible with Every Device

Don't have a smartphone? Sick of using expensive data? Leaf is the only cross-border wallet currently available on USSD. Store, send, and exchange money even on your feature phone.

"The first cross-border, cross-network way to manage money digitally."

Secure. Reliable. Accessible.

Leaf's wallet uses cutting-edge technology to guarantee security, privacy, and transparency. Rest easy knowing that no one can access your account but you. Transaction history is always available and cannot be manipulated by Leaf. Leaf is built on global networks to ensure you can always reach your money. Even without a smartphone, you can start building an economic identity with Leaf.

Whether you need a safe place to hold money digitally instead of cash, a cheaper way to send and receive money across borders, or a way to hold multiple currencies at once, Leaf has you covered. Everyone deserves a chance to bank beyond the branch.

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