Meet the Team

  • Nat Robinson Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • Tori Samples Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
  • Leandre Nsengumuremyi
    Leandre Nsengumuremyi Lead Software Developer
  • Aimee Umulisa
    Aimee Umulisa Refugee Engagement Specialist
  • Chance Uwamahoro
    Chance Uwamahoro Refugee Engagement Specialist
  • Joel Shyaka
    Joel Shyaka Marketing Coordinator, Western Province
  • Fabrice Romeo
    Fabrice Romeo Partnerships Coordinator, DR Congo
  • Jake Leve
    Jake Leve Senior Research Fellow
  • Angelique Gahongayire
    Angelique Gahongayire Customer Support Lead


  • Serge Musana
    Serge Musana Rwanda Consultant
  • Ally Kabengera
    Ally Kabengera DRC Consultant
  • Selma Ribica
    Selma Ribica Advisor
  • Rob Ayers
    Rob Ayers Advisor
  • Emmy Sobieski
    Emmy Sobieski Advisor
  • Luis Felipe Rodriguez Vega
    Luis Felipe Rodriguez Vega Advisor
  • Yuliya Tarasava
    Yuliya Tarasava Advisor
  • Brian Mache
    Brian Mache Forex Specialist
  • Mario Avila
    Mario Avila Advisor

About the Team Working to Provide Affordable Cross-Border Financial Services

The Leaf team brings together experience across financial services, foreign exchange, social entrepreneurship, and technology. We see a unique opportunity to use our diverse backgrounds and common passion to tackle a complex, global issue. We believe in the power of securing economic identities through storing and transporting assets across borders.

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