About Leaf

Leaf Global Fintech began as a response to the global displacement crisis and the problem of millions of people having to carry cash across borders each year. Carrying cash is dangerous, inconvenient, and expensive to exchange. Unbanked people and those without smartphones are disproportionately affected.


The Leaf Wallet is an innovative mobile app available on both smartphones and non-smartphones through a USSD interface accessed via a short code. Leaf enables customers to store, send, receive, and exchange currencies on their phones, both domestically and across borders. Leaf is operational in three countries across East Africa and is quickly expanding globally.


Leaf has been supported by the UNICEF Venture Fund, the U.S. National Science Foundation, Techstars, the Stellar Development Foundation, and has won awards from the United Nations, The Vatican, Cisco, and Fast Company. Leaf was recently named to the global Inclusive Fintech 50 list and was featured in a US House Financial Services Committee hearing by the CEO of the Stellar Development Foundation as a positive use case for blockchain and stablecoins.

About the Team

The Leaf team brings together experience across financial services, foreign exchange, social entrepreneurship, and technology. We see a unique opportunity to use our diverse backgrounds and common passion to tackle a complex, global issue. We believe in the power of securing economic identities through storing and transporting assets across borders.


Leaf Team

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